Welcome Back Fall 2021

Hello to all our new and returning Music students! Mr. Bruzzese, Mrs. Gladding, Mr. Kirley and I are very excited to be back at school and making music in classes again! We currently have music courses happening almost every period of the day, and it has been very exciting to hear singing, guitar, drums and wind instruments from the 1100 hallway again.

For current students, hopefully you checked out the Virtual Fall Activity Fair last week. If you missed it and are interested in joining a music extra-curricular ensemble when we are allowed to start up, please find the Google Classroom information you’ll need here:

Guitar Club Classroom Code: 7i2v2mp
Vocal Music Classroom Code: gfb5bmr
SJAM Bands Classroom Code: u4t5xg4
Music Council Classroom Code: vkkqttn
Drumline Classroom Code: h3ki3yr

At this point, only Music Council will be happening, as we can begin virtually. As you’ve likely noticed, sports got the green light last Friday, so we are hopeful that music and other extra-curriculars will follow shortly! Be sure to join the Google Classrooms above to stay in the loop! Also if you haven’t already, give our IG account a follow @sjam.music

We hope that you are all off to a great start this fall, and enjoing your new courses!

All the best,

Mrs. Probst 🎼

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