SJAM Unmuted (Coffeehouse) 2020 – Recap

This year’s virtual Coffeehouse was a huge blast! We’ve had a variety of amazing performances, ranging from touching piano pieces to stunning K-pop dances to even Mr. Schattman break-dancing in his basement! Huge shoutouts to all of the talented Coffeehouse organizers, editors, performers, MCs, and most of all, the live audience who came to watch! This event could not have be possible without everyone’s heartwarming support, and we hope you all thoroughly enjoyed connecting with each other virtually!

If you missed attending the live event or want to re-watch your favourite performances, fret not! You can check out the Coffeehouse 2020 recording below:

Thanks so much for tuning in, and stay tuned for next year’s (hopefully on-site) Coffeehouse! 🎶☕

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